How Toxic Energy and Negativity Is Lauded?

“why do people find it so entertaining"

The majority of racists in this social media era remaining are the people like me and "Andi Bazaar who wrote this article.

  1. How about we stop labeling every single human based on their race but rather their character?
  2. How about people stop lumping blacks and or whites together as if they are all same.

I've dealt with bullies and I've seen the consequences of bullying, the impact of bullying can have life or death outcomes. Bullying destroys lives and can ultimately lead to self harm or suicide, bullying is so destructive and corrosive it should never be tolerated.

Bullying has a significant impact on a everyone's life. However, by making small changes, we can break this cycle. "What are you doing to reinforce the message about bullying?"

Last week I'm telling everyone to stop pushing harmful "Queerphobia Rhetoric" isn't bullying, the idea that adults shouldnt correct minors on things like that is harmful both because it allows behavior like that to go unchecked and because it means the only people who are allowed to correct it are other minors.

Teenagers are going to be the most vulnerable to things like that, both in the sense of being susceptible to being recruited into also pushing "queerphobic rhetoric" and in how strongly they're likely to be impacted by the rhetoric itself.

By saying only minors should be correcting other minors you are encouraging a lot of bad ideas and behavior (look i was also once an adult with a lot of very bad ideas i was very certain were right, it's not exactly a time of great judgment) and encouraging teens to be in a toxic environment more than necessary.

What you are advocating for is for teens who understand “why the rhetoric is queerphobic and harmful to be solely responsible for correcting it,” — which means they have to either look the other way or else spend way more time than they should arguing online that their existence nd identities also those of others should be respected.

That's not a healthy thing to be spending a lot of time on as a minor. Hell, it's not super healthy as an adult either, but at least as an adult your brain has developed enough that the harm won't likely be as severe and hopefully you're more able to understand your limits.

As someone who has PTSD from the very severe bullying I endured in middle school (i was getting regular death threats at school when i was 10 to give you an idea of the severity) it’s infuriating to see people claim that telling someone that what they’re saying is wrong, harmful and explaining why is bullying by any stretch of the imagination. — That’s not bullying!

“Bullying is abuse, it’s a horrible and traumatic experience that can rob you of years of your life also even your life itself. It can easily impact you for years to come, even the rest of your life. Don’t minimize that, ever.”

“This is the impact that bullying has, the impact that words have in real life and on the internet. sSome people are just evil and I feel sick of it.”

Why do people only realize their mistakes when it’s too late?

  • Bullying is not okay no matter if irl or on the internet you’re hurting people, don’t be like but I only said. Everything you say has an impact on the other persons life, stop bullying and spread love.
  • I personally do not like spreading hate online and has never done it myself, I have no choice but to use social media to spread awareness of my current situation.
  • All social media platforms need to take tougher action against those who decide to use them to spread hate because there is no room for racism and it has to stop!
  • No one should be allowed or encouraged to use their platform on social media to spread hate, but love. If you don't like them, no need to brag too much negativity.

Q's is, "why not use social media to spread light and kindness?" and "why do people use it to spread hate?"

If you’re a hater in any kind of way whether it be homophobic, transphobic, racist or any kind of hate please educate yourself. “The world has no more room for that morons. Love, acceptance and support is the only thing I tolerate.”

I normally don´t care if people are racist to me on the internet since they hide behind a screen and a different name, but let me tell you. "If I see you being racist in real life, I will punch the shit out of you and you will not stand up anymore."

I opened up about how racist abuse affected me when I joined instagram, I think because I was bullied quite badly here because of the colour of my fucking skin.


Also, to all the racist people who think color matter then you can kiss my big bubble ass and suck my balls.

  • Negativity is toxic, people who are quick to judge are toxic. That’s what happened to the world when social media became too easy to use.
  • Use your social media platforms to educate yourself, spread positivity and raise awareness not to spread negativity and judge people.

Protect your energy.

Understandably, emotions are running high out there and social media has become a dumping ground for negativity (also understandable).

"You never know what others are going through, so try not to judge and use your energy to check in with your people."

  • Social media has become so toxic and lost all sense and purpose, instead of sharing positivity here we are sharing negativity to each other. People nowadays are so quick to judge without knowing the whole story, bashing someone won’t do any good.
  • It’s mentally exhausting to have social media anymore, just adds another toxic environment outside of “real” life for people to judge one another and spread negativity.
  • Social media can just be so toxic, put some positivity out there people. We always hear about how we need positivity but so many people are so quick to complain, judge, spread negativity, put people down, etc. End rant!
  1. The internet and in particular social media can be so toxic to you if you let it.

So much drama, so much judgement, so much negativity. If you tune into all this stuff all the time you'll lose your mind, pick your battles carefully, and don't lose sight of what truly matters.

It's so important to learn to focus on yourself. Obviously, you don't want to just hide from reality and be self-centered but learning to detach from the chaos the internet throws in your face daily is crucial.

2. I promise this will make you a happier and more constructive person.

  • We’re living in the easiest time to break up with social media.
  • The negativity is driving everything to be socially toxic and you don’t wanna miss out on your real softness of life tryna be a gorilla guardian of the internet, let this shit burn!
  • It’s okay to take a break from social media.
    If it’s becoming too toxic, log out, block those accounts, don’t give into their negativity.
  • They just want a reaction from any of you, this should be a safe space not a place that brings in more stress.

Kids on this social media era will complain about how social media negatively impacts their mental health as if they’re not the reason why it’s so toxic in the first place.

"Who knew spreading constant negativity and attacking people unprovoked will have damaging effects on your well-being?"

Maybe if you just minded your own business and did your school work you’d be able to form a semblance of a rational thought and this place wouldn’t be so toxic but instead you choose to follow the herd because this other 15-year-old told you something that you thought sounded legit.

“Like do y’all hear yourselves?”

You sound like a broken record because all you can do is say the same thing over and over again to strawman your way out of an argument bc you’re unable to come up with intelligent and sound things to say.

Claiming something and only citing stuff from ten years ago to prove it isn’t the power move you think it is bc spoiler alert, humans change and evolve but y’all are too young to understand this concept because you haven’t lived long enough to have gone through that change.

TDLR don’t come on social media if you’re not mature enough to understand and accept the consequences of your actions.

If you spread negativity and toxicity everywhere you go, that’s what you’re gonna get in return. "Why the fuck would you expect anything else?"

It’s hard to avoid the toxic negativity that social media brings out, can you please don’t take the good out of my heart and make it something bad. I love helping someone have a better life.”

Social media is too toxic, I really hope ya be taking breaks from all this negativity. "Giving yourself a break from social media helps to relieve stress." — he said.

"What do you do if you have a lot of negativity in your life so you are constantly on social media to distract yourself from said negativity because its the only thing to keep you occupied rn but social media is also becoming an extremely toxic and negative place."

If social media is too toxic and full of negativity, please take a break and take care of yourself especially your mental health. Just a reminder for everyone.

  • Social media didn't really change, it's your focus that changed. If you only saw good things,it's because you only focused on good things but if you only focus on toxic things then all you'll see is negativity, I'll never let social media have control over me.
  • Social media was created and intended to be used as a different form of communication but now people have begun to use social media in their own ways like spreading negativity and now social media has become toxic and lost all sense and purpose.
  • Social media is such a good platform if and when used properly, but the negativity and toxic energy that comes along with it sometimes takes so much away from it.

In these past few days, I realised how much social media is toxic and brings negativity.

“I will put my mental health first, stay away from negativity on social media, distance myself from toxic unsupportive people. Solitude allows me to reset.”

Social media can be such a toxic place and can effect people many ways.

Please think about your actions and what you say before you proceed to click the send button. You never know what’s going on behind close doors so why continue to spread negativity?”

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