Today I’m extremely thankful and grateful for the people that are in my life, but this is the first year I’m also thankful for the people God has removed from my life cuz it’s allowed me to grow so much.

Last year taught me that pain makes me grow. The best investment is in myself instead of putting my effort into someone who doesn’t reciprocate it, put that effort into yourself.

  • My friends who make me smile everyday
  • My family who never stops supporting me
  • My God who would never leave my side no matter how broken I am

I realised that I was loved

"Once I was broken, but you loved my whole heart through"

I feel like as we get older, we should be able to approach whatever the situation is and have a grown ass conversation, we can’t have this :

“I don’t like talking about how I feel”

Mentality because that just creates toxic ass relationship.

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