/’public dilemma'

acceptance is not resignation

“In Honor Of World Mental Health Day"

History of: "World Mental Health Day"

let alone toxic hypersibility

it is so easy to be compulsively

'how does a wave of acceptance also coincide with cancel culture?'

adopting a healthy mindset can make all the difference

“why do people find it so entertaining"

  1. How about we stop labeling every single human based on their race but rather their character?
  2. How about people stop lumping blacks and or whites together as if…

“He Made Me Do It”

3 A.M. is when the supernatural can reach you, be careful — supernatural things often occur.

“The hour between 3 A.M. — 4 A.M. was considered a period of peak supernatural activity"

  • #The25thHorrorThread

[Update : Oct 25th, 2020]

“All those colors, they’re all gone now and…

Oliver Schofield

I was an American writer of horror, born in Chicago, IL. kayıpruh — Koma 135 Hari is best known primarily for one of my works of horror and mystery

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